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HR Manager

Cheree Roy

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Cheree joined AP Security in 2010 to assist with recruitment having made great connections with local councils and housing associations. In 2013 Cheree joined our admin team for Wembley Stadium event days which she later took over managing in 2015. This involved double hatting between departments to book staff as well as oversee Recruitment and Human Resources.

Cheree is integral to all our recruitment drives and initiatives, in particularly with local councils supporting individuals getting back into work, and fundamental in our mass recruitment drives for our summer seasons where we can see peaks in staffing levels reach as high as 3,000 personnel. And we are proud to say Cheree has successfully completed her CIPD level 5 and teacher training course.

And we must mention - her incredible cooking, and the meals she brings in for everyone in the office……….so pleased to be back in again….thanks Cheree!

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