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Manned Guarding

Mobile Response & Key Holding Company

Mobile Response & Key Holding Company

We know not all businesses want or need to have permanent manned guarding on site, but you still want to have the safety of a security service available to you when an issue comes up. Mobile response and key holding alarm response service is a valuable and affordable solution for this. If an alarm goes off in the middle of the night, instead of you, or a member of staff having to rush to site, one of our comprehensively trained security personnel will get to site in just 30 minutes and will deal with the issue. They will  provide a keyholding service and will be an emergency service, responsible for responding if your alarm goes off.

Mobile Patrols/Mobile Response UK

Mobile Patrols give you the ability to have a thoroughly experienced security officer visiting your property at regular times throughout the day or night. We have a reliable team of fully licensed, quality assured, SIA Licensed (Security Industry Authority) officers who have the training and knowhow to deal with any problems on your site.

Vacant Property Security

Having an empty property can often be problematic. From squatters, to vandals, to people wanting to dispose of rubbish, your empty building can easily become a target. At A.P. Security, we understand that having an empty property can sometimes be inevitable but that you also want it to remain secure and well taken care of. One of our security team can provide you with routine inspections, security guarding and a mobile response if any incidents happen.

Alarm Response

Our service mobile response service is incredibly reactive and will deal with any problems efficient service and take pride in offering an average response time of only 30 minutes! Security is also monitored by our National Communications Centre and all incidents are live reported on our smart phone app. So, no matter where you are, you have the reassurance of a keyholding and alarm response service and being able to keep track of your property.

Lock/Unlock Services

Having an outside person responsible for unlocking and locking your business at set times of day, takes the pressure off your team and means you have reliability and reassurance that it will be locked up securely when the working day is done. It also helps ensure that your employees don’t have to bear the worry of feeling safe if your site is potentially vulnerable to criminal behaviour.

Emergency Contractors

Often problems with buildings happen at the most inconvenient times and you need to call for an emergency contractor to come out to your site in the middle of the night, or out of hours to rectify a problem you might be having. It can be time consuming, inconvenient, and unpleasant to have to be on site yourself to wait for the contractor and then monitor them whilst they do the repair. Instead, let one of our guards come out to your site and keep an eye on things for you, so you have peace of mind and you know the problem is being taking care of.

If you’d like to discuss the right security options for you and how we can provide mobile response and security keyholding in the UK, call us on 0845 070 2407 or email apmanned@apsecurity.co.uk.