AP Security Guards patrolling a shopping center
Manned Guarding
AP Security (APS) Limited is a premier supplier of exceptional guarding services across the UK.

Manned Guarding Service

Corporate and Public Sector

The corporate and public sectors demand smart, alert and well trained manned security to manage and maintain both security and customer service requirements in a high profile environment. A friendly, smiling face to welcome visitors to your offices or a decisive,  no nonsense approach to protect your warehousing.

All security officers are screened and vetted, qualified and experienced AP Security Guards. Our officers are calm and  can quickly respond to difficult situations to diffuse tensions swiftly to ensure calmness to our clients guests, visitors and shoppers so that they do not suspect there is an issue.

The Manned Guarding provision includes:
  • Fully trained front of house concierge
  • Physical building protection
  • Administration of access and egress controls
  • Receptionist duties (SIA compliant)
  • Appropriately insured building managers
  • Comprehensive health and safety and first aid training and support
  • Dynamic Risk  and Risk Assessment
  • Impartial vetting and screening
  • 10 Year References -  younger applicants service and school records all looked at
    Direct management ensures that our officers trained, informed, organised and encouraged to maintain the highest standards

Our training of staff in these sectors include the provision of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme which involves liaison with individual Police authorities and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

In an environment where the public standards must be maintained, an AP Security Security Guard remains committed to provide an outstanding service that is both completely transparent and very cost effective. We offer mobile alarm response and key-holding should you require these additional security services.

Localism is also high on the agenda. Our constant aim for our manned guarding security services is to provide local staff, from local sources, with local knowledge, able to respond to local needs in an efficient and cost effect way. From the busy corporate office and the thrum of a busy  shopping centre to the demands of the infrastructure and industrial sites AP Officers will be observing and protecting.