Operative using a floor cleaner on tiled floor
Manned Guarding

Commercial Cleaning

Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

AP Security is a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science and our team provides professional cleaning services to businesses across the UK . When our teams are called in to undertake a job for one of our clients, we always ensure we have the necessary equipment and trained people to complete their requirements. We raise the standards! It can sometimes come as a surprise that one of our trained security officers is also a trained cleaning operative.

At AP we have a dedicated team of experts and trained cleaners who are SIA licensed and fully equipped to face the head on dubious task of undertaking cleaning. Our staff are well trained, well managed and very motivated to undertake their roles. We design a bespoke service to deliver exceptional value and a high quality service, using the latest technology, eco friendly cleaning products, and energy saving cleaning equipment to reduce our use of chemicals, water and plastics.  

We recognise that whether you occupy a small or a large office space,  businesses tend to have a higher rate of productivity when working in a clean working environment.

Our service gives peace of mind and insures that your employees feel safe and secure in a clean office as well. High standards are our priority - you will never be left waiting or unhappy with results, unlike the service provided by many other cleaning companies. Our commercial cleaner can assist with the following: 

  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Building cleans
  • Office cleaning
  • Carpets cleaning
  • Window cleaning
The Environment

AP demonstrates its commitment to the environment by using commercial and industrial cleaning products that have been designed and formulated to have a minimal impact on the planet. We make environmentally friendly choices where possible, including the end of use for the recycling of the products packaging.

To ensure compliance with ISO accreditation and EU regulations at present, we look to the biodegradable ability of the products to ensure maximum protection of the environment. We use products, where possible, that are made from recycled materials and consume less energy during production whilst reducing emissions into the air, water and the land.

Our companies responsibility to lower our carbon footprint and make environmentally friendly choices is something we take seriously. Accompanied with this is our commitment to health and safety, ensuing your employees and our staff are protected at all times.