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Risk Management Service

Risk Management Services

At A.P. Security, we can provide you with a full security audit and consultancy services to ensure that you have optimum levels of protection for your business.

Our consultants have many years of experience in security management. They will use their in-depth knowledge to advise you on the best ways to protect your property and assets, so that everything is entirely safe and secure.

We provide our clients with a full range of services to help ascertain exactly what the right levels of security are for their needs:

Site Penetration Exercises

Site Penetration tests look at any vulnerabilities on the business site. This means our highly trained security team will look at the physical dangers and vulnerable areas on your site including uncovering weak areas of security and looking at potential threats. This can be anything from looking at ineffective locks and poorly designed barriers on your site to looking at CCTV, on site security and general awareness of staff.

Security Risk Assessments

Security Risk Assessments recognise and address what security your business could benefit from. One of our SIA approved security personnel will look at your buildings, assets and workforce and identify what vulnerable elements exist in your setup. The risk assessment will be a comprehensive examination of your business and will provide you with a thorough review of what changes you could make to become fully security conscious.

Counter Terrorism Audits

A Counter Terrorism Audit can analyse how prepared your business is to deal with a terrorist attack. We will look at staff preparedness and also what kind of security measures you have in place to protect against an attack and what you can bring in to help provide additional protection.

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance is a way of finding information out about an individual or group of people subtly, so they aren’t aware that you’re observing them. In situations where it is useful to prevent crime or for the interests of safety on your site, covert surveillance can be a helpful tool to monitor individuals who may be cause for concern.

Development and Testing of Emergency Procedures

In some business situations, it is important to have procedures in place for worst case security scenarios, like a terrorist threat. We can review your current procedures and suggest edits and improvements by testing them. We can also create an emergency procedure plan if you don’t currently have something place. If you’re not sure whether you need one, we can also discuss your business and what it may need.

Waking Watch

Waking Watch services, which are also known as Fire Watch are commonly used by high rise buildings, apartments, vacant buildings and commercial property. Our waking watch guards will follow the Active Awake Alert policy and are highly trained to protect your building. We can provide a bespoke watch for your needs to help ensure that the building is safe and that fire safety checks are regularly undertaken.

If you need your security to be analysed, risk identification or if you have no current security setup and would like to change this, contact us now and we can help you to implement a policy to give you a safer and more secure arrangement.