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Personal Safety Course

Personal Safety Course

Knowledge is Empowerment and Peace of Mind
Overview of Course

Employees are our most important asset, and as an employer we have to ensure that we look after our staff’s mental health as well as their physical safety. A.P. Security’s personal safety training courses not only offer individuals important life skills they are also great for team building.

We have found that those who experience our personal safety training courses leave us with a special bond and connection to each other. Some difficult and uncomfortable scenarios that are discussed during the class, can help staff relate to each other and build better relationships with each other in the workplace environment. All of our courses take place in a safe environment.

The courses that we offer give an empowering and uplifting feeling, giving you the mental boost from learning to take control of your own safety and knowing you have the skills to protect yourself.

Course Content

This course will help you to identify who is at most risk and the situations where your personal safety could be compromised. The skills and techniques contained within the course are appropriate for both work and leisure safety:

  • Adrenaline switches and how your body reacts
  • Evaluation and risk avoidance strategies
  • Threat awareness
  • Evaluation and risk avoidance strategies

The course addresses how to feel and control the body, progressing onto maintaining this when threatened verbally or physically by an external force.

The class will be led by an instructor who demonstrates and participates in some of the practical work. All of our trainers are qualified to deliver conflict management and physical intervention skills. Through talks, discussion and practise, students will develop a comfortable and efficient use of the body. Practical information and discussions to demystify issues on conflict resolution will be held. The participants will be encouraged to share experiences if they wish to do so.

Course Outcome

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Perform several simple self-defence techniques based on good use of the body
  • Use voice and breath to enhance your self-defence techniques
  • Name the most effective areas of the body to use physically in self-defence
  • Identify areas of weakness in the aggressor
  • Demonstrate an awareness of your surroundings

Course Info

25th November / 2nd December / 16th December
1 Day
Age Requirement:
Free parking and refreshments available
£10 discount for early booking. Group booking discounts available.
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