Mental Health at Work Commitment Scheme

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
We are proud to have signed Mind's Mental Health at Work Commitment.

At A.P. Security, we have always prioritised our staff's mental health because we know how vital it is for a happy, healthy and productive team. Now, thanks to signing Mind's Mental Health at Work Commitment, our dedication to our staff is official! The Mental Health at Work Commitment has been developed with the professional skills of mental health charities, trade organisations and employers, to provide the foremost guidance on how to support staff.

We have always understood the importance of supporting good mental health and that need is only increasing in modern times. Now, we officially have the tools and guidance to provide the bet possible support to our team and help provide them with a legitimate long-term positive direction for their wellbeing.

Signing the Commitment means that we have officially declared that good mental health at work is paramount to us, as a business. We now have six standards of best practice to base our mental health support around and this is aimed to help us create a working environment that helps our employees to thrive.

The Six Standards

The Commitment that we have signed is centred around a group of actions, which are organised into six different standards, which we can follow to help provide support the mental health of our employees:

  1. Make mental health at work a priority by implementing and evolving a systematic approach.
  2. Actively make sure that the work culture and framework is designed to encourage positive mental health.
  3. Encourage an open culture in relation to mental health.
  4. Build on confidence within the organisation.
  5. Supply tools to help mental health and offer support.
  6. Provide accountability by internal and external reporting procedures.

We take the wellbeing of our staff at A.P. Security very seriously and feel that going above and beyond to help benefit their mental health is the least we can do. If you would like to find out more about working at A.P. Security, visit our Careers page and see how you can be a part of our talented team.


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