How to Choose an SIA Approved Contractor

Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Do you know the importance of choosing an SIA Approved Contractor?

How to Choose an SIA Approved Contractor

What is an SIA Approved Contractor?

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) Approved Contractor Scheme has been created by the Security Industry Authority. They have consulted with a wide range of representatives throughout the UK, including the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

The scheme has been designed to elevate the standards of those working in the security field. A charter of parameters has been created to regulate businesses within the industry and achieve a level of excellence that they should adhere to. Approved contractors, therefore have to follow the parameters that have been set out, to be part of the scheme.

The NSI is the assessing body for the SIA’s scheme, and has been since the scheme began in 2006.

How Do I Choose an SIA Approved Contractor?

You can look for companies that are approved on the government’s register of approved contractors.  

What is the Benefit of Using an SIA Approved Contractor?

There are a range of crucial reasons to use an SIA Approved business, including:

Benchmark of a High Quality Service

Using an SIA Approved Contractor means that you can have peace of mind when using a security service. The framework means that there is always a high level of service, thanks to the scheme having minimum specifications that need to be followed. There are a total of 78 areas that the contractors are assessed against, and this covers a wide range of aspects including training, health, safety and finances.

Dedication to Doing the Job Well

Joining the SIA Scheme, is voluntary, so you can have the reassurance that a business is dedicated to great customer care if it has taken that step. It is also a progressive standard, so will continually improve.

Reassurance at Every Level

If an approved organisation in the security sector uses subcontractors, they may only use approved individuals (unless they have received special permission). This means that you will receive a consistent, high standard in the service you receive.

Independent Verification

Verified assessment is carried out by a qualified individual from the NSI, so you can also have the assurance that the organisation in question, has been individually evaluated for its approval.

At A.P. Security, we are proud to be an SIA Approved Contractor in Security Guarding, Door Supervision and Key Holding. Are team work hard to provide an exceptional service and this approval displays are rigorous dedication to what we do.


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