Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe at Christmas

Friday, December 1, 2023
Read our top tips to help keep your business safe and secure over the Christmas period!

Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe at Christmas

The colder weather, TV adverts and abundantly stocked shops tell us that Christmas is on its way! As much as there’s plenty to look forward to when the festive season arrives, there’s also lots of practical things to think about for your business.

Wintertime can have a surge of burglaries, so it’s worth being extra careful during this time, especially if your premises is empty over that period.

Look at Your Security Protocol During Christmas

It’s essential to ensure that you look at your alarm and security protocol over the Christmas period. You need to ensure that your security system is turned on and that there are no weaknesses in the system. It’s also essential to make sure that any members of staff who need to be on site during that time, know how to arm and disarm the system effectively.

It's also important to make sure that if the alarm is triggered, that there are allocated members of staff, or appropriate security personnel, who will respond to the issue in a timely manner.

Discourage Criminals

It’s important to have security alarms with appropriate signage. This helps to deter potential crime in the first place. Alternatively having manned guarding on site is a powerful way to prevent criminals from striking. It provides a visible deterrent, significantly reducing the likelihood of criminal activities by creating a sense of security and immediate response to threats.


A CCTV system can allow you to keep an eye on your workplace, over the Christmas period. It means that you can monitor the entire site remotely and quickly enable a response if any issues are spotted. CCTV offers continuous surveillance, also providing visual evidence if an incident does occur.

Create Safe Locking Up and Unlocking Processes

Safely locking and unlocking a business is crucial to maintain the physical security of assets, protect against unauthorised access, and create a safe environment for employees and customers. By extension it helps to minimise the risk of theft, vandalism, and other security breaches. This all has added weight during Christmas, whether the building will be used, or left vacant for that period. If the premises is going to be kept closed during Christmas, it is also worth double checking all the locks before you go, along with ensuring that all windows are also closed.

Keep Valuables Locked Away

Keeping valuables locked safely away has added importance during the festive period. Burglaries are often more prevalent during this period because burglars notice high value items through windows and the temptation draws them in. Make sure that you store away as much as you can in secure cupboards and storage spaces. In addition, keep curtains or blinds closed whilst the building is empty.

Fit Your Building with Security Lights

Security lights act as a powerful deterrent, increasing visibility and reducing the likelihood of criminal activities. They create a well-lit environment, promoting safety and discouraging unauthorised intrusions.

At A.P. Security, we provide comprehensive security solutions, ensuring that your business stays safe over Christmas. We offer services such as manned guarding, advanced CCTV surveillance, vacant property security, alarm response, lock and unlock services, delivering a robust defence against potential threats and helping to enhance overall protection for a stress-free holiday period. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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