Return to Royal Albert Hall

Thursday, November 26, 2020

This week AP Security (APS) Ltd. were welcomed back into the Royal Albert Hall for a week of socially-distanced refresher training prior to some potential events in the near future.

Naturally the key area of training provided was with regards to managing safety in these challenging times whilst managing expectations and it was well met with all who attended. In addition the Counter Terrorism department of the Metropolitan Police were also on hand to follow up with in-depth training as an extension to the ACT training that all participants had completed.

As ever, we are looking forward to working with RAH in ensuring a welcoming, warming and safe environment and experience for all involved and we wish to thank the Royal Albert Hall team for hosting us and providing snacks for the staff (in such an amazing setting), and for your invaluable input in delivery of the training. We extend our thanks to Eileen Restall for her ongoing guidance and advice, The Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism training team, Tommy Michalis Senior Operations Manager for his delivery and all of the staff for making it an interactive and refreshing learning environment.

Here’s to the return of events at the Royal Albert Hall!


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