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John Phillips Farewell

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Family, friends, clients and co-workers gather.

It is not often that we get to take time out with our colleagues and clients alike; too often it is a snatched five minutes ‘breather’ from the hectic events world in which we live. And so it was at the end of March that we had a wonderful opportunity to do just that, to spend an evening over a meal and a few drinks, as A.P. gathered with a large number of industry colleagues to bid farewell to John Phillips who was retiring from the Company after 25 years.

John has been instrumental in building A.P.’s position in the market and it was wonderful to hear from colleagues and clients who spoke in such endearing terms of their times with John – the recurrent theme being one of unbridled helpfulness in all he did. John was joined on the night by his family as guest of honour for what turned out to be a wonderful night.

John (centre) with his family

Although John has, officially, retired – he will continue doing some part-time work throughout the year for us; as one of our speakers on the night, all generous in the praise of John and with so many happy memories, put it; we don’t want him to spend all his time at home now – we wouldn’t dare wish that on his wonderful wife, Diane!

And so, whilst it may not be a farewell; it most certainly was a celebration of one of our industry’s great characters. 25 years in John – here’s to the (part time) next 25! We know we are joined by many in wishing you and your family a happy retirement.

John (centre) with AP's Managers: Jimmy Norrie, Tommy Michalis, Chris Hollands and Mike Knowles

Left: Jeff Protheroe, John, Gill Ireland and Tony Ireland. Right: Dave Suter

Tom Wild, Paul Bedford with John and Billy Croft

Rob Tinkler, Dave Huyler, John and Dave Barrow

Left: John with Ian Donaldson. Right: Sue Meiners and John

Lee House, John and Mike Richmond

Left: Darren Ball (front), Kevin Lovick, John and Liam Lovick. Right: AP Directors Martyn Webster and Andy Stevens

Jeff Protheroe, John, Jimmy Flynn and Mike Knowles

Left: Mark Harrison, John and Claire Ely. Right: AP's Finance and HR Managers Ella Ogilvie and Cheree Roy


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