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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
From the fans of Twenty One Pilots & 5 Seconds Of Summer

It's not every day that a total stranger rewards you for your efforts with a simple, 'thank you'. But when they do it tends to matter. Imagine the pride felt then by our Brixton Academy team on receiving these cards from fans of bands Twenty One Pilots and 5 Seconds of Summer following two sold out shows this September and October. The fans had been queuing all day outside the venue; with some arriving the night before, and in the case of Twenty One Pilots, fans arrived two days before the show! AP provided an additional night team to ensure they were safe throughout both of the nights.

"We need to look after the venue's customers" says Chris Hollands, AP's Southern Regional Manager and a stalwart of hundreds of Brixton gigs over the Company's 16 year tenure there.

"For the super early birds our night team provided them with tea and coffee and the venue also helped out by getting them pizza. Throughout the night they were let into the venue to use the facilities, wrist banded to ensure they don’t lose their place once they return to the queue.”

Chris continues, “We talk to them, check they are ok, reassure them as to what will happen when the doors open. Once doors do go green, we take it slow; the last thing we want is an accident with an excited crowd entering the venue, so it’s all done at a walk with lots of communication - and lots of smiles, from us and the audience."

Thank you cards to the O2 Brixton Team

"Once at the front of the barrier," Andy Legg, AP's Senior Operations Manager for Brixton continues, "it's more of the same - keep checking in with them, keep them hydrated - just still making sure they are ok. If we establish that relationship - professional but friendly, then the audience know that they can rely on us, they know we are approachable."

"And when the band comes on - it’s all worth the wait! After the show we often gets lots of hugs, high-fives and thank yous, but these cards were something else! They have pride of place in our briefing room at the venue."

So whilst it’s great to get client feedback, or acknowledgement from perhaps the emergency services or a SAG or licensing group, we reckon that these are the best bits of feedback we could ever hope for! Our team down at Brixton are very proud to receive such thoughtful thank you cards, a cherry on top of an already rewarding job.


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