Rewind Festival

APS at Rewind

July and August sees the 1980s return to Henley-on-Thames and Scone Palace in Perthshire, as the annual two-day Rewind festival brings legwarmers, mullets and ra-ra skirts briefly back into fashion. Renowned as a good-natured and relaxed affair, AP Security is present at both sites, enjoying an event where everything is done with a smile.

Rewind attracts a slightly older customer who just wants to enjoy themselves. They are all like-minded people who dress up, bring their kids, sing along to the songs and are exceptionally well-behaved.

All this means that the AP crew, a lot of whom grew up in the 80s, relate directly to the crowd and enjoy working at the festival almost as much as the audience.

As well as looking after the campsites, AP's staff are on duty to handle pass checks, arena and backstage guarding, pit and response teams.

Their primary role is always helping the customers to enjoy themselves, dealing with issues and making sure that they are as low profile as possible.