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Protect24 App

A.P. Security – Protect24 App

A.P. Security offer an innovative app solution for anyone who may feel they could be in a potentially dangerous situation, to which they need to raise an alert to a security team for help. You can feel safe in the knowledge that if you are ever in an unsafe situation, you can have a security team with you quickly.

If you think that someday you may feel that you are in a situation in which you have to walk home at night, Protect24 will not only offer you practical protection but will give you peace of mind. You never know when you may need to protect yourself or alert someone you need assistance.

How the Protect24 app can help you:

  • Carry a deterrent with you and have peace of mind for you, your family, friends and colleagues.  
  • Have the ability to raise an alert to tell someone you are afraid or that you are in danger.
  • Put yourself in control of your own safety.

Protect 24 is A.P. Security’s own designed technology which provides an instant reporting platform that enables real-time information videos of incidents and alerts to be sent to our 24-hour control room enabling us to contact family members or police. If someone is followed, feels threatened or there is an imminent threat to their person.

The app is designed to be used for lone workers, anyone who travels alone and in remote areas and can be utilised to send mass notifications via email or protective warnings.

Have the ability to:

Journey in safety – It allows users to set a start and end point and monitors the users journey and alerts the control room that they have arrived safely, or it will trigger a panic alarm.

Have a meeting in safety – Allows users to feel safe during a meeting by setting a timer and deactivating it by marking themselves safe otherwise raising an alert.

Send mass notifications – Send the same message to unlimited recipients via email or in app for proactive warnings, emergency awareness or real time updates.

This app is offered to anyone who may feel it will be useful to them. Simply contact our control room or email apmanned@apsecurity.co.uk. Our team are more than happy to provide a presentation at your place of work to display the benefits of the Protect24 app.